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Joy | Exhibition by Jean Mintoft

March 3 @ 6:00 pm - March 16 @ 3:00 pm


Preview evening: Tuesday 3rd March
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 9am-3pm
Saturday – 9am-1pm

Artist Statement:

“This Exhibition celebrates the joy to be found in life and in the world around.

In this age of doom and gloom, we are bombarded with news of disasters, of evil deeds, of tragedies, warned of impending conflicts or the devastating results of our misuse of our world’s resources. I am as much aware of these things as we all are, but my aim in this Exhibition is to show that there is still much good in this world, much beauty and much that can bring joy if only we have eyes to see it.

The universe itself is amazing, and the world we live in has such beauty; its landscapes and seascapes so awe-inspiring, diverse weather conditions and the quality of light adding to the awesome wonder that can be found almost anywhere on earth. The plants, flowers, animals, birds and other creatures are so intricately and wonderfully made that we are often awestruck by the films which are made about the world’s flora and fauna. Even the creations of man, buildings, machines and technology itself can cause us to wonder. And what about our human relationships? We were made for fellowship with one another, and the love of mothers and children, sisters, brothers and friends all contribute to the enjoyment of our lives on earth. Even work can be a source of joy to many, especially that which is creative in some way or helps, cares for and enhances life for others.

The paintings in this Exhibition feature many of these themes. As a committed Christian, I find great joy in God’s creation and I enjoy painting many and varied subjects, using several differing styles and media. I hope that everyone who visits this Exhibition will get a taste of joy in some way!”


Devonport Guildhall
Ker Street
Plymouth, Devon PL1 4EL United Kingdom
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