This summer the Maritime Memories Machine is touring the country, offering everyone the opportunity to get involved with engaging and interesting activities whether that is singing along to Sea Shanties, writing a poem or just watching and enjoying the events and also share with other people their experiences and memories and what the sea means to them and is on Plymouth Hoe on Wednesday 12 July 2017 from 10.00 to 16.00.
This event is about encouraging everybody from different backgrounds with experiences to get involved and show off their artistic side and give them the opportunity for all different memories to come together. The event gives people the opportunity to learn about our identity and history as a nation as how it is firmly rooted in our relationship with the sea. No matter where you are in the UK, you are never more than 70.2 miles away from the sea.
The Memories Machine tours the country from May to September and gets people involved with entertaining and immersive experiences and visits areas of lowest art population and high social deprivation to ensure everyone is involved and engages those not normally participating in arts. As it tours different places in the country, it stops and collects different stories of the sea and everyone it meets, whether it is ice creams, sunshine, pirates or swimming you are given the opportunity to tell us what the sea means to you.
Activities are overseen by the Maritime Memory Catchers and they search for peoples memories, stories and moments relating to the sea and what it means. At the end of the tour, when it returns to it’s home at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, it’s new collection of unique stories and memories will become part of the new Sea Things gallery. Your special memories and stories will be a part of a national museum collection. Also, six local artists from different parts of the country are each able to create a small artwork that represents their regions connection with the sea which at the end is put together to form an art piece of what the sea means to the UK.