Written by Lizzie Millin, work experience student with RIO through The Prince’s Trust

Devonport and Plymouth in general has transformed into an exciting place for arts & culture. Devonport Guildhall is hosting an art exhibition by local photographer Dan Underwood. Dan specialises in panoramic landscapes in coastal settings across the West Country – places such as Lantic Bay, Boscastle, Cothele, Sidmouth and Trematon castle.

Dan Underwood is a talented and enthusiastic artist. From viewing his work in the gallery, you can tell he has a strong passion for the West Country and coastal areas, places most people have visited sometime in their lives.

Some of his pieces seem almost like paintings, the colours are so vivid that it captures the very essence of West Country beauty. His work of sunsets is also stunning to look at. It makes anyone who sees them relaxed and inspired.

It is difficult to say what my personal favourite landscape is. I enjoy them all. However I am more drawn to the Trematon castle. It is complex to explain why. I do believe it’s because the sun setting above the castle relaxes me.

Anyone can visit the gallery. It is a comfortable, quiet place to unwind and enjoy the landscape. There is a pleasant sense of tranquillity to gazing at them.  However the gallery is only around for a short period of time. From July 7th to July 29th. The exhibition is free to enjoy. Anyone from the public can enter. The gallery is open Mondays – Saturdays, 10am – 4pm and is curated by the Kaya Gallery. Please be aware that the gallery does not open on Sundays. There is also a café that serves fresh bread and other delicious snacks.

We hope to see you very soon and hope you have a wonderful experience in visiting “In Living Colour”.

Living Colour Exhibition Jul16